Sunday, September 19, 2010

As Simple As It Seems by Sarah Weeks

In trying to deal with her newly revealed origin, Verbena finds herself sorting through her angry moods and confusion unsuccessfully, until a distraction named "Pooch" comes along for the summer to give her new perspective and a reason to smile. He helps her realize how lucky in life she is, and how it is as important to give as it is to receive when it comes to keeping friends. An almost disastrous boat ride brings Verbie back to reality. She quits feeling sorry for herself (well, most of the time), and regains her confidence, her friendship with Annie, and finds a long distance friend in Pooch. Best of all, she trades the embarrassment she harbors for her overweight, protective mother, for genuine gratitude. I would love to see a sequel for this story. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Falling In

This fun book made me a fan of the main character, Isabelle Bean, as well as her creator, Frances O'Roark Dowell. Thank goodness Isabelle listened to the buzzing in her ear! This fashion-challenged young lady takes you on an adventuire of a lifetime, without ever leaving the school - or does she?? She's not sure, yet there was simply too much evidence to be convinced otherwise. If you ever find a door you find interesting, with a hint of a buzzing noise in the area, you should be warned - well, maybe not - take a chance! Isabelle did, and lived happily ever after, probably.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Missing in Action

This is a great historical fiction book written by Dean Hughes. It may be better suited to the male readers of this audience, because it is written from the perspective of a 12 year old boy during World War II. As a former "girl" reader, I gained new insight into the workings of a young man's mind about serving in the war for any reason, and appreciate what I experienced in this story. When Jay reluctantly befriends a Japanese American boy working at his Grandfather's ranch, he learns there is much more to stereotypes, prejudice and friendship than he ever thought possible. I think you'll find respect for both Jay and Ken as they take situations head-on when confronted by their peers and strangers in town. I know I did.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

War Games by Audrey Couloumbis and Akila Couloumbus

This novel is based on a true story experienced by Akila Couloumbis, one of the authors. What he lived through as a 12-year-old boy in Greece in 1941, is more than just a story. It is an incredible accomplishment. He and his cousins prove they can be counted on in this time of war, even at such a young age. Petros and his older brother Zola, carry out secret missions disguised as boyhood games right under the noses of the German soldiers -a brave feat for any young man. Students interested in the history of World War II, will enjoyed this historical fiction book. It is slow paced at times, but will keep you turning pages until the end.

Oggie Cooder Party Animal! by Sarah Weeks

The author of the "Boyds will be Boyds" series and "Regular Guy", etc. has done it again with a humorous story of a fashion-challenged boy named Oggie Cooder. If you thought you had an annoying neighbor, just read this book and you will find out how annoying a neighbor can REALLY be! Oggie steps up his party crashing skills when his neighbor across the street is forced to invite him to her birthday party. He gets into some hilarious situations as he tries to impress Donnica Perfecto with his quirky talents. This is a quick read, full of laughter and "I can't believe he did that" moments. Enjoy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Confetti Girl

I read this book by local author Diana Lopez a few months ago, but it has been so popular, I have not had a chance to get it back so I can write a quick summary. It may not be needed at this point, but just in case you have not heard me talking about this book, please read on.......
One of the reasons this book has been so much in demand is because Ms. Lopez refers to so many familiar places in Corpus Christi. I enjoyed reading about Lina's trip to Snoopy's, one of my favorite local restaurants. As well as the location, students can easily relate to Lina's situation and the humor with which she addresses her predicaments. Her friendships and secret crush are humorous and realistic. You can even learn how to make cascarones, at the beginning of the book. Several students got to meet the delightful author when she came back to CC to discuss her book. I am glad I was there too. She presented in the polka dot socks that made the cover of her book! Her web site is on our OPAC page for you to visit. Mrs. Rogers' classes posed in their funny socks. I hope they make it on her web site!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Signal by Cynthia DeFelice

Signal is a quick read with only 157 pages, but you wouldn't want to put it down, if it were 557 pages! Owen McGuire and his sidekick/canine companion, Josie, find themselves involved with a young "character" who goes by the name of Campion. She professes to be an alien from her Home planet who needs some help from Owen in contacting her parents when they return to Earth to get her. Owen is new to the area and a bit lonely, so he takes on the challenge of helping her hide from evil "Ray" while they plot to create a signal that will get her back to her Home. Together Owen and Campion create a signal and lie in wait for her parents to take them both away. Their plan maybe foiled when police show up and the spaceship's arrival seems to be delayed. Will Campion find her Home, or will another Home be a better option? Please find out!